The New Union Project @ The Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

“Welcome to the New Union” by Gil Mualem Doron

A room installation & Participatory Photoshoot, and poster series at the Turner Contemporary, Margate, 07/2016

“Welcome to the New Union” is a room installation & Participatory Photoshoot pop-up. It took place in several places in the past two years and most recently at the “Welcome” exhibition at the Turner Contemporary, Margate, 07/2016.

Requests for the New Union Photo-Shoot pop-up at community events, museums, galleries, art should be sent to, Thanks.

The New Union Flag is an art object but also a proposal to amend the Union Jack to reflect on England’s colonial past, and Britain’s present multi-cultural society. The work is at the centre of a participatory art project in which hundreds of people took part in in the past two years. Some of the photos from these participatory events are posted as large scale posters at the Turner Contemporary outdoor plaza.

The New Union Flag is based on a short study of immigrant communities in the UK and their traditional fabrics and clothes. The typical patterns of these fabrics were inserted onto the Union Jack, as well as cut-outs of boats made of J-cloth.

Commissioned by Platforma, at the Turner Contemporary the New Union Flag participatory photo shoot will take place in a room installation that draws wittily on British everyday life and also reflects Margate’s long history of a seaside resort. In the participatory photo shoot, visitors will inhabit the installation waving handheld New Union Flags in a greeting, welcoming refugees.

All the art-objects from the installation and more can be purchased from

The installation was sponsored by Platforma and Bags of Love, and the posters by Stress Free Print.

The New Union project need funding for the pop-ups at non-funded community events. Donations via pay-pal can be made here:

The flag was first exhibited at a group exhibition at #Peckhamplatform (12/2014). It was used for the first time as a photographic participatory work at a Reclaim Brixton event (04/2015), and then at Fusion international contemporary exhibition at Hoxton Arches – Arch 402 Gallery curated by Miguel Mallol (04/2015), at SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon, Brighton (05/2016) and will be exhibited in 5 venues in Brighton that take part in Crossing Borders Festival during Refugee Week (6/2015).

Gil Mualem Doron (1970, UK) is an artist and a community facilitator. He is completing a Ph.D. research at TU Delft.

He works in various media including photography, painting, installation and performance. His work is socially and politically engaged. He exhibited in galleries and museums in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, and his works are in private collections. In May 2016 Gil founded SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon & residency for artists from conflict zones. SEAS Brighton aims to exhibit political and social art which created through new art practices.

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