The New Union Flag Project – What’s on the menu for 2017?

The New Union Flag (NUF) project by the artist Gil Mualem-Doron aims to reimagine the Union Jack, acknowledge and celebrate the communities that contributed to the UK’s cultural legacy. Re-created with fabric designs from all over the world the New Union Flag transforms the traditional Union Jack from an archetype of uniformity – to a dynamic and celebrated on-going performance of diversity.

Piloted in 2015 the project has already engaged thousands of people through exhibitions , cultural events, festivals, community gathering  and rallies. In March, the project will be part of @WhoWeAre_2017, at the Tate Modern, Tate Exchange. 

The New Union Flag project offers a very flexible and engaging format – from interactive installations, participatory events, workshops and agit-props. It can be as small as the flag you are holding but will still have impact if you just take a selfie and post it on social media (#NewUnionFlag). It has also been exhibited as big as a room installation which visitors participated in a photo shoot (a take on a souvenir shop or a sea-side funfair). Another access point to the project is the DIY Diversity Flag workshops for adults and children.  Sample of these activities can be seen here:  https://youtube/CmOq20wzE2Y

In the gallery below  participants in the project from 2015 until the present can find and download their photographes.  

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